• Is the 2017 Honda Civic Type R worth $34,775?

      This website does not think so. Why? Because while the Civic Type R does have serious performance credentials in taking the front wheel drive Nurburgring production car lap record why even bother with a front wheel drive hot hatch today?

      The Golf R and the Focus RS both exist. Sure, they are a few grand more but we are not talking a whopping difference. Not to mention the Focus and Golf both look like someone over 16 years old should be driving them.

      The Civic Type R is a nice little car but the other options are the market are quite simply better especially once paying $35k for a front wheel drive boy racer Civic is factored in.

      • The 2.0-liter i-VTEC® Turbocharged Engine is exclusive to the Civic Type R, kicking out 306 horsepower* and 295 lb.-ft. of torque*
      • The Adaptive Damper System (ADS) controls the suspension action for heart-pumping handling and stability on the road or the track
      • A Limited Slip Differential offers tighter cornering and better control for more confidence behind the wheel
      • A Track-Tested Aero Kit features front and side splitters, a rear diffuser, vortex generators and a wing, all designed to keep the Civic Type R planted on the asphalt
      • The Center-Exit Triple-Exhaust Tip System bellows a throaty growl that announces the arrival of the Civic Type R to the world
      • 20-Inch Black Alloy Wheels keep the rubber on the road in style and frame the large, track-tested red brake calipers

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        Zeee_Q -
        Definitely not worth msrp and some dealers even asking over sticker for a Honda with a lawnmower engine. At least it'll be reliable though.