• Smart battery technology - Antigravity Battery Tracker lets you monitor your battery through bluetooth on your cell phone

      Antigravity batteries is doing some very cool things in the world of automotive batteries. They have their lightweight lithium-ion batteries with remote jump start you likely know of but also their new Battery Tracker technology which allows real-time bluetooth monitoring of your battery.

      Want to know what the draw on your battery is in real time? Want to see the draw when your car is off remotely from your phone? Want to be notified is your battery gets low? Want to know if the car was driven? Not a problem.

      Antigravity details Batter Tracker below:

      The Battery Tracker is a small Bluetooth Device (2.75" x 2" x 0.5" thick) which you attach to your Car Battery's Terminal Clamps.... quick, and simple installation. You then download the App onto your Phone or Tablet (Apple and Android compatible). The App will then give you the Real Time Voltage, as well as show a graphical representation of your Voltage History over the past 31 days at two minute intervals directly to your phone. Additionally the Battery Tracker does a Cranking Test, which will show your voltage drop on a Start attempt, and it also has a Charging system Test to test your charging systems output to ensure your alternator is charging.

      I understand that some may say "well that's sort of lame.... who needs to see their Voltage when the Car has a Voltage indicator...". Well, it should be understood that it's Bluetooth, so the data is transferred to your phone if you are within 30 ft of the car or even if you walk by the car it will put the data on your phone in the App, it will even ALERT you if the battery voltage is low and needs a charge. So it's an effective way to better understand how fast your battery is draining and to know the Voltage even if you are not IN the Car, You can use it as a real time voltmeter for the car, or use it to see if a new accessory is over-discharging the car fast. There are quite a few uses in Automobiles and other application for monitoring a 12v battery.

      1- The Battery Tracker will allow you to monitor the level and speed of Parasitic Draws on your vehicle’s battery and see how fast the battery is discharging over a period of time. For example if your car is in storage during the week, or for months you can see with the Historical voltage graph how fast your car is losing its voltage. The Graph in the app shows the battery at 13.2v on January 1st, but when you check January 21st you can see you lost .5v during 3 weeks. Or say you just want to make sure the voltage hasn't dropped too far since you haven't driven it in a few weeks.... well that data is automatically transferred to your phone if you walked within 30 ft of the car. You can even use it as a real time voltage tester for the Car. It shows real time and historical data which can provide a lot of information actually....

      2- If your Battery is getting low on energy and needs a Charge you can set the Battery Tracker to send you an Alert BEFORE you come back to a dead battery and a car that won’t start. This allows you to be alerted to put your Battery on a Charger before it’s dead. This can work great for companies with Fleets, or for persons with multiple Cars that don’t get driven often.

      3- You can monitor your Vehicle Charge level over the span of 31 days. The historical graph will actually show each start attempt and then also show when you are driving since you will see the Voltage go up as the Alternator is charging. You will see if the voltage is spiking above 15v which is not good for batteries.

      4- You can also see each Start the car has done over 31 days and if it was driven because the Voltage data will show the start attempt and voltage drop... then your voltage reading goes immediately higher for the time the car is driving and the alternator is charging the car.... . So you can catch the fact that the Maid, was driving your Car when you were away on Vacation!

      5- You can also verify if your Vehicle’s charging system is working, and at what Voltage your Alternator is charging the battery during driving. This could be useful to home mechanics to verify charging, and also eliminate the charging system as a potential cause of a non-charging battery problem.

      6- For Racers and Track day enthusiasts it can give data on the battery’s state of charge, and alternator’s output during time on the track. Additionally for Total Loss Systems it can document the voltage decline while in operation.

      7- For tuners they can be looking at the phone to see where the battery is at while the tuning is going on. Some tunings take a long time and can drain a small Lithium or Lead Battery before its done.

      Here's a video of it.

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