• Burger Tuning does some JB4 tune testing on the FK8 Honda Civic Type R K20C1

      Is there anything BMS (Burger Tuning) is not tuning these days? It doesn't seem like it. Their JB4 was fitted on this FK8 Honda Civic Type R which is a completely stock example with 12,000 miles on it. BMS started with a Dynojet baseline.

      Keep in mind the car is on 91 octane pump fuel:

      With modest boost increases we see some nice gains from the 2.0 liter motor. Peak horsepower increases by just over 30 whp and at 4000 rpm almost 50 lb-ft of torque at the wheels is picked up.

      BMS with their JB4 added 4 psi of boost in the low end of the rev range and 3 psi of boost up top:

      Was able to hit the dyno today with a 2018 Honda Civic TypeR for a little JB4 tuning. Test car is 100% stock with around 12k miles on it. Running 91 octane pump gas.

      After a lot of tuning the best results were found running around 4psi over stock down low and around 3psi over stock up top. Gains on map1 were around 30whp and 50wtq.

      We played around with higher boost levels and while power went up a bit the data showed the engine wasn't as happy. Next time we'll try with some better fans and maybe an intake on it to see if we can push power up. But overall happy with the initial gains. Car feels like a rocket compared to our Civic Sport CVT!
      This is all on Map 1 so we will see if they push further and what pricing will be but as always expect the bang for the buck here to be unbeatable.

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        This car feels just like my Cobalt SS lol. The JB4 is a must, so much more power and torque it really woke her up!